The good life

Now that it actually feels like spring, life has got busy down on the Scott Allotment.
Nestled in the picturesque Aire Valley with Harden Beck running alongside, Mum and Dads allotment is far from the shabby back garden of the loveable Tom and Barbara in The Good Life. However, it produces an amazing supply of fresh fruit and vegetables and is the most tranquil place to dig, sweat, pause and breathe the fresh air. Shame it doesn’t grow biscuits and Irn Bru or it really would be on a Carlsberg advert.
Charlotte and Anya potatoes, garlic, 3 types of onions, broad beans, salad and tomatoes have all been planted this past fortnight, and the fruit trees pruned. The green house has been cleaned, tidied, remodelled and is full of freshly planted seeds. It’s great to see the allotment ‘spring’ back to life after sleeping over winter, and my mouth is already watering at what we’ll be able to eat come harvest time.
We’ve still got 5 onions left from last season to eat up, think we’ll be enjoying an onion tart for dinner one night next week. See Clare for table reservations…


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3 Responses to The good life

  1. Ann Scott says:

    This sounds idyllic – off down there now to water all the many seeds!

  2. Sarah Harris says:

    Ooh – lovely caramelised onion and cheshire cheese tart in the Economy Gastronomy book! x

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