Life in a strand of hair.

It’s easy for me to say I’ve been so busy enjoying life that I’ve not made time to reflect on how far I’ve come as an actual grown up human being and how much I’ve achieved. I’ve maybe taken for granted what has built up around me and the impact I’ve made on others in the working world I’ve been part of. I’ve maybe forgotten to enjoy the sense of achievement when I do something for the first time, or when I’ve stretched myself and actually made it – especially in work.

But you know what… it’s so important to take time to reflect on these things… now I’m making time, I’m realising just how good it feels, like, really good.

To be able to bottle the emotion as my 7 year old niece got on her bike and set off around the garden – WITHOUT STABILISERS! As she proudly pedalled in a circle she beamed a fabulous smile full of pride that said ‘I practised this and I can now do it and I want to show everyone that cares about me that I can do it too!’ Apparently you never forgot how to ride a bike, so why do we forget that feeling of butterflies when we first ride down the road on our own…

Making time to reflect on our achievements as grown ups is sometimes hard to do. It’s easy to measure your life in years, celebrating big birthdays, laughing at photos of when you were younger. Ticking off the ‘grown up’ list – graduate, get a job, buy a house, get married, have children/ adopt cats. But how far have you managed to pedal without stabilisers, without wobbling or falling off, and just how much road have you travelled. And how much has your hair grown?!

It was about 6 weeks ago when I last got my hair cut (it’s short and it grows quick! ). I paid with actual cash which Clare lent me as my redundancy money had nearly run out! I was telling Vicky (my fab hairdresser) how much I was enjoying time out, digging the allotment, and we chatted about our holiday plans and if I was looking for a job (which I wasn’t). But 2 hours after that appointment my life changed. A pint in the SU Bar was going to make a bigger impact on my life than the fateful perm of 1984. I didn’t really appreciate it before, but when I got my hair cut this Wednesday, I realised how far I’d come in the time it had taken to grow 2inch!

I’ve now got an amazing job working with awesome people. I’ve got a new sense of positivity, focus and direction back in life. I feel motivated and excited. I’m reminded daily how much I know and can do and excited about how much there is to learn.
– On Tuesday I spent time hanging out with 2 actual real life Knights of the British Empire & a Royal Highness; I regularly chat with millionaires and being back on university campus means I’ve been able to see lots of familiar friendly faces, who seem pleased to see me again.
– Mum’s allotment is looking (and sounding) fab – all the hard work we’ve put in digging and weeding over winter & spring has paid off, and there’s more fruit & veg planted & growing than humanly possible to eat. Lets hope the birds keep off the sweetcorn this year!
– Clare and I now have a house with cavity wall insulation and a properly insulated loft, and looking forward to lower energy bills with The Co-operative.
– I’ve helped give the cul-de-sac a spring clean with the aid of the neighbours industrial power washer.
– I’ve experienced my first (and hopefully last) jaeger bomb.
– 3 months after decorating and getting new furniture for the lounge, we’ve finally purchased the elusive extra cushion for the sofa we’d been wanting but couldn’t quite find in the right fabric, colour and pattern!

I wonder what will happen before my next haircut?!


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  1. Love this Becki! Nice cushion too : )

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