Life As A Lazy Camper

So after nearly 3 months of working at The Lazy Camper it was time for the final part of my ‘induction process’. It was time for me to spend a whole night in a tent, in a field, like actually, camp out for real.. Something I have never done. Ever.

As I prepared to embark on my journey of discovery I remembered when My grandad told me we were related to the great explorer Captain Scott. I was 7 years old and I believed him. Like you do. Tonight, I felt that connection rekindled. I might not have pushed the boundaries of human exploration in the past 24 hours, but I have certainly pushed my own! My comfort zone is now a little bigger and includes a greater love and appreciation of wet wipes.

Captain Scott’s great great great granddaughter I am not, but I am the newest member of the festival family. I still have another 80+ hours of Wakestock left, but so far so good!

I am also pleased to report no signs of frostbite.


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