The Crazy Life of a Lazy Camper

Having just returned from an amazing 6 days at Wakestock festival, my first ever festival, I felt it was only right I shared some of the crazy things I’ve seen, heard and learnt…

Staff toilets are better than campers toilets, but artists toilets are even nicer. However artists still don’t always follow great bathroom etiquette and protocol. For example, a drummer of a headline act had a wee with the door open in full sight of everyone, and then didn’t wash his hands. Tut tut, what would his mother say?

Kids drink cheap vodka. Like really cheap vodka. The stuff that burns your insides and gives you the voice of a 76 year old, 20-a-day smoker! Unfortunately I know this because I tried some. But it was mixed & served in a Coca Cola bottle with my name on, so it wasn’t all bad.

Our lovely Lazy Campers love getting a shout out on twitter. However the iPhone Twitter app sucks when it comes to posting photos.

Playing skittles with 6 wheelie bins as the pins and your entire body as the ball, does indeed look really really funny, and getting a strike was very impressive, but it will get you rugby tackled by security and escorted out. I’m also thinking it may hurt when you wake up.

Sometimes a massive headline act can’t leave to catch his flight to Serbia for another festival because an Air Ambulance has to land. Priorities.

Watching the sun come up is very different to watching the sun go down. Sunrise – calm, gentle and uplifting. Sunset – crazy, crazy, crazy. Not often I see both in one day either!

Festival fashion is generally a cool combination of shorts (we’re talking short shorts that don’t actually cover yer bum cheeks), flipflops, sunglasses, and 3rd degree sunburn. Use sunscreen kids. Baz Lurrman told you all about this. Listen to him.

The constant smell of burger vans is not that bad. However eating burger, hotdog & chips all day everyday isn’t great for the figure or skin. Thank goodness for wood burning pizza oven stalls.

Nobody tells you about Festival Snot. That’s because nobody wants to acknowledge such horrors can be generated from ones body.

Wearing flip flops (thanks to the amazing Gandys Flip Flops, for 4 days will result in cool and tanned feet, well at least i think they’re tanned – they could just be embedded with dirt!

Playing table tennis and beer pong with bands and DJs is pretty cool. Even when you lose!

Bananas, beroca and chilled water are your best friend. Any of these can be subsisted with Red Bull but remember – what comes up, must come down!

And finally… working 18 hour days is tiring, like full on, could fall asleep typing this, shattering. But, you know what? I can’t wait to do it all again in 2 weeks!

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2 Responses to The Crazy Life of a Lazy Camper

  1. Ann Scott says:

    .. and I thought the loss of voice was from talking too much !! lol

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